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Sun City Center Tennis Association

 Executive Board Meeting March 11, 2010


March 11, 2010

Meeting Called to Order: 3:10 p.m. by John Paulus, V.P.

25 members in attendance. As no vote will be taken, no quorum is necessary.


Fun Day Update: Well in hand with necessary notices on bulletin board.


Board introduced


Volunteers recognized for valuable service: Petra, Tony Holbrook, Ed Cantrell, Jack Baytos, Jeff White and Nancy Williams.


Fun Fest Update: All volunteers ready to sell pizza, philly cheese stake sandwiches, sodas at the TA booth located near the Rollins Theater.


Membership report: 216, 5 social.

               Check email and the TA website.

               New phone list posted on website and emailed to members

               16 members without email receive paper copies at their doors

               All emails and notices are also posted on bulletin board


Treasurer’s Report:

               Audit in progress as of Feb. 28

               Membership funds: 14,977                   Membership projected: $16,500

               Budget total for 2010 is $14,700       Funds spent 2010: $1,180

               Ckg acct: $18,189

               Business Acct: $37,834

               Total: $56,024

Carryover to 2011: $44,900


President’s Items:

               Horseshoe club has receptacle for aluminum cans. Please help out.

               Additional parking is behind court 1.

               Next social event is Nov. 29 potluck


Additional Business:

As all but 16 members have email, and the costs associated with US mail are becoming prohibitive with a $360 fee due and $230 plus postage cost for each of 9 mailings, as well as printing costs, envelopes, etc., the board would like to continue using email, website, and bulletin board notices for communication. The sixteen members without email will continue to receive hand delivered notices.


One member suggested the agenda also be emailed, put on the website and posted.


Paul Davis suggested the statement “Any open court can be used by any CA member anytime” be eliminated. He feels this statement, which he came up with years ago, and now regrets, allows a former TA member to drop out and use courts without contributing to maintenance. The board agreed to discuss this suggestion at the next board meeting.


Donna requested ideas that might streamline the time it takes for volunteers to schedule weekly court times. It can take 2.5 hours to 6 hours Friday mornings to complete the schedule due to missing or illegible information. The designer of the computer system, Donna and Ed Cantrell will consider some changes.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Anne Skinner, Secretary


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